Peruvian K-pop girl band hold debut showcase in Seoul

By Park Sae-jin Posted : June 27, 2024, 10:35 Updated : June 27, 2024, 14:27
Perus first K-pop idol band BlingOne performs during a debut showcase event held in central Seoul on June 26 AJU PRESS Kim Dong-woo
Peru's first K-pop girl band BlingOne performs during a debut showcase in central Seoul on June 26, 2024. AJU PRESS Kim Dong-woo

SEOUL, June 27 (AJU PRESS) - Rookie K-pop girl band BlingOne, without any Korean members at all, made their debut in Seoul on Wednesday.

Consisting of three Peruvian members – Abigail, Kenny and Ruby, they are set to embark on their activities in Korea and overseas as the first-ever K-pop girl band from South America.

They were formed through the World K-Pop Center's global audition project "Click the Star," which aims to discover and nurture new talent and aspiring K-pop stars from 32 countries, including China, Mongolia, Peru, Russia and Vietnam.

At a showcase held in central Seoul, the trio performed "Kiss & Call," their debut song featuring catchy drumbeats.

"We are proud to be the first K-pop band representing South America. We will continue to give it our all," said Kenny. Ruby also expressed her ambitions, saying, "We want to shine not only in Peru but on the global stage."

Abigail recalled her journey to become a member of the first Peruvian K-pop band. "It was challenging, with many tough moments throughout the audition process. Now, I feel overwhelmed with mixed emotions, but it was a valuable experience that brought us to this debut stage," she said.

The three girls have a busy schedule ahead in the coming months. They plan to appear in several music programs on terrestrial broadcaster KBS and other cable channels slated for airing in mid-July. Then they will head to their country to meet fans and promote themselves there.

Peruvian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Paul Duclos congratulates the debut of the first Peruvian K-pop band BlingOne during a showcase event held in central Seoul on June 26 AJU PRESS Kim Dong-woo
Peruvian Ambassador to Korea Paul Duclos speaks at a debut showcase for the South American country's first K-pop band BlingOne in central Seoul on June 26, 2024. AJU PRESS Kim Dong-woo
But their journey doesn't stop there as they will soon be joined by other BlingOne units from different countries. "BlingOne's Peruvian unit is just the first step in the project. Our ultimate goal is to form a band with about 200 members from 32 countries," Yu Dong-min at the World K-Pop Center told to Aju Press.

Yu stressed that K-pop has become a global music genre and artists don't necessarily have to be Koreans. He explained that K-pop no longer solely refers to Korean performers singing Korean songs as there is little difference between nationalities when it comes to the quality of music and dance moves.

"The BlingOne members worked hard to master their performance with vocal trainers and choreographers in Korea," he added.

BlingOne and their upcoming units from different countries will collaborate to create synergy while also pursuing individual activities. "We will support them to ensure they can perform globally," Yu said. "We're confidant that they will create a huge fandom soon, and it will be exciting to see them unite at concerts and other events."

Peruvian Ambassador to Korea Paul Duclos, who attended the showcase, expressed his hopes for BlingOne's success. "They bring unique characteristics and the indigenous culture of my homeland. Their artistic talents and musical charisma create an intriguing harmony," said Duclos.
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