LS Mtron unveils new tractor with variable rear axle capable to increasing width of rear wheels

By Lim Chang-won Posted : March 9, 2020, 12:18 Updated : March 9, 2020, 12:18

[Courtesy of LS Mtron]

SEOUL -- LS Mtron, an electronic component and industrial machinery maker in South Korea, unveiled a multi-player tractor called MT4 with a variable rear axle that can increase the width of the rear wheels by up to 210 millimeters depending on crops.

LS Mtron said the MT4 is equipped with an external hydraulic cylinder to increase a rear lift as well as a power takeoff function, which makes it easier to clean up soil and manage crops. It can be used in various terrain, different from the stereotype that the axis of the rear wheels cannot be moved in farming.

"The MT4 will be applied with variable rear-axes that were not in the domestic agricultural machinery market, contributing to the convenience and productivity improvement of various customers," LS Mtron CEO Andy Kim said.

LS Mtron has provided an electronic steering and brake system for an unmanned tractor showcased by LGU+ in October 2019 along with a remote diagnostic service that allows users to check the status of tractors in real time using 5G technologies. LGU+ worked with PTC, a computer software and services company headquartered in Boston, to develop a remote diagnostic service that allows users to check the status of tractors.

With rapid advances in sensor and computer technologies, there have been growing demands for autonomous equipment at warehouses, distribution centers and construction sites.
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