Smart stethoscope to be used for elderly health management in Seoul's southern satellite city

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 23, 2023, 15:51 Updated : January 23, 2023, 15:51

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SEOUL -- An artificial intelligence-based elderly health care service using smart stethoscopes will be rolled out in Anyang, the southern satellite city of Seoul. The city was selected to participate in a government project in December 2021 and was provided with 685 AI-based stethoscopes.
Anyang City said in a statement on January 23 that the city will select citizens aged 65 years and older are the health management program's target patients. Those who live alone or who have chronic illnesses will be selected and given a smart stethoscope.
The medical device will record the sounds of body organs when the smart stethoscope is put against the chest near the heart and lungs. It can send data to a connected smartphone through a dedicated app and AI will review sound files uploaded onto a server to decide whether the target patient has a lung or heart disease.
The medical AI was taught with a vast amount of medical data collected from various university hospitals through deep learning. When it picks up an abnormal sound from a patient, a human doctor will review the dataset to confirm the illness of the person.
Currently, the law only allows doctors to diagnose patients. When an illness is found, nurses will call the patient to guide him, or her to a nearby hospital for further examination.
Anyang said that the city will complete the selection process by the end of January to kick-start the remote medical service by early February. 
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