Occult movie “The Priests” hits 1 million mark record on its debut

By Park Sae-jin Posted : November 10, 2015, 16:25 Updated : November 10, 2015, 16:25

Gang Dong-won and Kim Yoon-seok, the protagonists of film "The Priests" poses for a photoshoot during a premier
[Photography by Yoo Dae-gil = dbeorlf123@ajunews.com]

An occult movie about exorcism, “The Priests” starring Kim Yoon-seok and Gang Dong-won made its debut by reaching the top of the Korean box office. The movie drew 1.4 million movie fans during the weekend, which broke the million mark in three days of its opening, making the movie the record breaker for the “million marker in shortest period” in Korean Film history.

It is interesting to find The Priests break the mark so fast since exorcism is not a very popular genre in Korean film industry. But with the protagonists Kim and Gang’s ticket power and the movie’s fine plot overcame the jinx, an expert from the industry said.

The movie takes place in Seoul, where a liberal-minded priest (Kim Yoon-seok) discovers a high school girl who is possessed by a demon. Kim wishes to perform an exorcism and he has to face many obstacles in order to save the girl.

Runner-up in the box office is Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi movie “The Martian”. Despite its slow than expected start, the epic movie set in Mars accumulated 4.7 million admissions over four weeks.

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