CJ OliveNetworks develops AR-based industrial safety solutions for easy facility management

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 25, 2022, 15:09 Updated : April 25, 2022, 15:09

[Courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks]

SEOUL -- CJ OliveNetworks, the information technology service operating wing of South Korea's CJ Group, has developed three augmented reality-based safety solutions that would help business operators safely and conveniently manage facilities.
Augmented reality (AR) uses environments filmed with various types of cameras as a median tool for creating three-dimensional virtual objects that are displayed through a screen or a pair of smart glasses. Some AR solutions offer remote features in which the wearer can receive real-time support from experts. AR solutions connected to a local 5G network or WiFi are rapidly being adopted in construction, manufacturing and other sectors.
When a mechanic wearing smart glasses uses an AR-based engine maintenance solution to look under the hood of a vehicle, he or she would see the real world and the virtual modeling of the engine through glasses. The virtual model will rotate and turn depending on the angle the mechanic is looking at the hood.
CJ OliveNetworks said that the company has developed three solutions -- AR-based safety instrumented system (SIS), AR Remote Control, and Smart Mirror -- to prevent accidents and manage the safety of workers. AR SIS can use smart markers to display a list of tasks through smartphones or tablet PCs. AR Remote Control allows workers and managers to communicate through a single server that harnesses users.
The Smart Mirror Solution is a digital kiosk-type work gear management system. The tower-shaped device will check to see if workers are wearing the right type of gear such as hazard suits, safety helmets, gloves and masks when entering facilities such as semiconductor plants or food factories. The system can identify workers by scanning iris patterns. Managers will be notified if their gear is inappropriate. 
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