Hyundai Mobis unveils next-generation 'swivel' display for self-driving cars

By Lim Chang-won Posted : May 20, 2022, 15:35 Updated : May 20, 2022, 15:35

[Courtesy of Hyundai Mobis]

SEOUL -- Hyundai Mobis, the parts-making unit of South Korea's Hyundai auto group, has developed the world's first variable display technology that moves a large curved screen. It is optimized for an integrated diver's seat system for self-driving cars.

The 34-inch swivel screen applied with 6K high-resolution OLED panels moves up and down. It is a multi-curved screen that can be bent in three stages from top to bottom, Hyundai Mobis said, adding that the display can be widely deployed from the driver's seat to the passenger seat to implement various content such as driving information, navigation, music, and video. 

 Users can enjoy personalized content on the entire screen in an autonomous driving environment, or use a small screen that can rotate to display only the minimum information necessary for driving, the company said. While driving autonomously, users can enjoy the video they want to see on the entire single screen. Touch and gesture recognition enable the manipulation of content in various ways.

"We will continue to introduce new convergence technologies optimized for future mobility while incorporating advanced technologies into existing core technology capabilities," Hyundai Mobis vice president Jung Soo-kyung said in a statement on May 20.


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