Market share of Hyundai and Kia cars in Europe stands at 8.6% in November 2023: data

By Park Sae-jin Posted : December 21, 2023, 14:38 Updated : December 21, 2023, 14:38
Courtesy of Kia
[Courtesy of Kia]
SEOUL -- Sales of Hyundai and Kia cars in the European market continued to rise in November 2023 to have a market share of 8.3 percent, up 0.1 percent compared to the same period in 2022, data released by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association showed.

The European car market stood at about $15 billion with some 13 million newly-registered units in 2022. The number of newly-registered vehicles dropped by 10.4 percent compared to a year ago, but remained larger than the North American market which saw approximately 12.7 million newly-registered vehicles, according to automotive market research data service provider MarkLines Data Center USA.

According to data released by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), a total of 89,076 units of Hyundai and Kia cars were sold in Europe in November 2023, up 6.4 percent from a year earlier. The overall sales of Hyundai auto group's cars in the world's fourth-largest car market were pulled by popular sport utility vehicle models -- Kia Sportage (13,249 units), Hyundai Tucson (11,461 units), and Hyundai Kona (6,782 units).

The sales performance of EV models also contributed to the increased market share of Hyundai auto group cars. 3,532 units of Niro EV were sold in November, followed by Kona EV (2,312 units), IONIQ 5 (1,403 units), EV9 (1,197 units), and IONIQ 6 (804 units).

As of November this year, the European sales of Hyundai and Kia combined increased by 4.2 percent, reaching 1,029,632 units compared to the same period last year. This marks the third consecutive year of achieving annual sales exceeding one million units in Europe. The accumulative sales for EVs up to November reached 137,868 units, up by 5.9 percent.
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