AI startup Upstage partners with legal tech firm to develop AI-based legal advisor

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : March 12, 2024, 17:42 Updated : March 13, 2024, 14:51
Courtesy of Upstage
[Courtesy of Upstage]

SEOUL -- South Korean artificial intelligence technology developer Upstage will work with domestic legal tech firm Law & Company to create an AI-driven legal advisor that can analyze complicated legal precedents. Upstage's large language model-based solution called "Solar" will be upgraded into the AI legal assistant after studying legal data provided by Law & Company.

Solar is a deep-learning-based AI platform capable of understanding and generating content. In August of last year, the solution secured the top position on an international large language model scoreboard run by Hugging Face, a New York City-based AI company. Solar has competed with some 500 models including GPT-3, a Chat GPT-based service.

Upstage partnered with Law & Company to enable Solar to acquire expertise in legal matters. Despite Solar's exceptional ability in learning spoken languages, mastering legal expertise could pose a significant challenge due to the complexity of professional terminologies. Using Law & Company's accumulated data, Upstage will develop a new legal solution called "Solar-Legal."

Solar-Legal is set to be released in June 2024. It will be utilized in Law & Company's business-to-business solution "Super Lawyer," which provides legal research, document summarization, and Q&A services. "We will continue to enhance AI models specializing in legal issues targeting the domestic and international legal service markets based on our world-class language model Solar," Upstage CEO Kim Sung-hoon said in a statement on March 12.  
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