Occult thriller film 'Exhuma' attracts more than 10 mln moviegoers in 35 days of release

By Park Sae-jin Posted : March 25, 2024, 15:43 Updated : March 26, 2024, 07:51
COurtesy of Showbox
[COurtesy of Showbox]

SEOUL, March 25 (AJU PRESS) -- "Exhuma," director Jang Jae-hyun's latest occult thriller film, has mesmerized audiences nationwide, crossing the 10 million viewer milestone in just 35 days since its release on February 22.

The story follows the tale of shamans and geomancers entangled in a terrifying situation after disturbing an ancient grave. Since its silver screen debut, "Exhuma" has garnered widespread attention, captivating audiences with its chilling storyline.

Jang, renowned for his expertise in the supernatural thriller genre, first made waves in South Korea's mainstream cinema with his 2015 hit "The Priests." The film, centered around Catholic exorcists battling to save a possessed girl, amassed over four million viewers within just 15 days of its release.

Building on the success of "The Priests," Jang continued to explore the occult realm with his 2019 offering, "Svaha: The Sixth Finger." With "Exhuma," Jang solidifies his reputation as a master storyteller in South Korea's box office landscape, where such films are a rarity.

Recent box office data from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) revealed that "Exhuma" achieved over ten million ticket sales by March 24, representing 59 percent of all tickets sold between March 22 and March 24. This remarkable feat is particularly impressive in South Korea's population of approximately 52 million, where surpassing the ten million viewer mark is a testament to a film's exceptional success.
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