'Smart fitness center' will open in Seoul for elderly residents

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : April 11, 2024, 17:57 Updated : April 13, 2024, 13:45
Courtesy of the Gangnam District Office
[Courtesy of the Gangnam District Office]

SEOUL, April 11 (AJU PRESS) - In a bid to help elderly people unfamiliar with gym equipment, a district office in southern Seoul has established a gym center filled with artificial intelligence-based fitness equipment. AI solutions will automatically adjust the weights of training devices during workouts and provide exercise metrics for users.

The Gangnam District Office said it will open the "smart fitness center" for elderly residents on April 17. With AI-powered monitors installed in the strength training machines, users can continuously monitor their exerted force during strength training and adjust the weight of the devices accordingly. The AI equipment can also help prevent accidents resulting from workouts without being aware of one's physical abilities. The smart gym was established inside a welfare center in northern Gangnam.

"I hope the smart fitness center will become a role model for safe strength training for the elderly, meeting the demand for workout facilities for the elderly in an aging society," said Cho Seong-myeong, head of the Gangnam District Office. Cho aims to set up AI fitness centers in other welfare facilities for the elderly population in Gangnam. 

The smart equipment was provided by the domestic fitness equipment maker Ronfic. The company has been supplying AI training devices to various sports organizations, medical facilities, and fitness centers.
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