Samsung to launch AI-powered connected family care system

By Candice Kim Posted : May 24, 2024, 17:06 Updated : May 24, 2024, 17:53
Lee Sun-hwa executive at Samsung Electronics presenting the companys AI Life solutions at the CX·MDE Center located in Samsungs Digital city campus in Suwon on May 14th Courtesy of Samsung
Lee Sun-hwa, executive at Samsung Electronics, presenting the company's 'AI Life' solutions at the CX·MDE Center located in Samsung's Digital city campus in Suwon on May 14th. Courtesy of Samsung
SEOUL, May 24 (AJU PRESS) - “Mom hasn’t been very active today,” read the notification from Samsung’s SmartThings app. For office worker Kim, this was a concerning deviation from the norm. His mother, who lives separately, hadn’t shown any activity for over four hours that morning. The app revealed she used the water purifier at 5:30 am, but her step count was alarmingly low compared to usual.

Kim quickly initiated a video call through the app and selected ‘Look around inside,’ summoning a camera-equipped robot vacuum to navigate the house. The live footage showed his mother safe in her room.

This seamless orchestration of connected devices exemplifies Samsung’s upcoming Family Care service, recently unveiled at the Korean tech giant's Customer Experience-Multi Device Experience (CX-MDE) Center in Suwon, south of Seoul.

The Family Care service is set to be launched in June, catering to elderly parents unfamiliar with smart technology yet requiring attentive support from families. 

It is part of Samsung's AI Life solutions, which envision an artificial intelligence-powered lifestyle totally connected via SmartThings, its Internet of Things system.

“With diverse products and solutions, we will solidify our AI leadership. Family Care, which assists seniors, is the initial step,” said Lim Seong-taek, executive vice president in charge of sales and marketing in Korea.

By connecting TVs, refrigerators, water purifiers, induction cooktops and smartphones to the family’s SmartThings app, daily routines can be comprehensively managed through an AI-driven approach.

Like Kim’s case, Family Care enables remote monitoring akin to living together, ensuring the well-being and safety of loved ones. 

When it’s time for medication, water purifiers optimize temperature and quantity, while fridge cameras assess grocery supplies. If an induction cooktop is accidentally left on, alerts notify families to power it off remotely.

A Samsung Electronics official presents its AI Life solutions at the companys CX-MDE Center in Suwon south of Seoul on May 14 2024 Yonhap
A Samsung Electronics official presents its AI Life solutions at the company's CX-MDE Center in Suwon, south of Seoul, on May 14, 2024. Yonhap

Beyond the elderly, Samsung showcased AI Life solutions tailored to newlyweds, families with young children and single-person households.

Newlywed homes can leverage robot vacuums for thorough cleaning, with laundry cycles automatically timed to complete upon their return from work.  If parents are out when children arrive, the app notifies them while storing personalized voice messages from robot vacuums. Single householders can install entrance sensors for remote security monitoring.

The AI Life ecosystem interconnects not just Samsung products but also those from Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) partners like LG, GE Appliances, and Electrolux, although functionality may vary, the company said.

“We’re providing a seamless AI Life experience beyond individual product features by integrating our full lineup,” a Samsung official said.

After its domestic launch, Samsung plans to expand the AI Life system globally, tailoring it to regional needs. It will offer, for example, security solutions for Southeast Asia's widespread single-person households and energy-saving AI systems for environmentally-conscious markets.

Addressing privacy concerns, Samsung highlighted its robust Knox mobile security framework and stringent protocols.

“We are the first company to earn (the highest) Diamond rating from UL certification for not only mobile devices but also home appliances,” Huh Tae-young, vice president in charge of CX-MDE Center, said referring to the global safety science company from the United States.
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