500 yoga practitioners gather in southern Seoul to celebrate 10th International Yoga Day

By Park Sae-jin Posted : June 24, 2024, 14:49 Updated : June 24, 2024, 14:49
Yoga Enthusiasts and practitioners participate in group activities at the 10th International Yoga Day event held in southern Seoul on June 22 Courtesy of the Indian Embassy in the Republic of Korea
Yoga enthusiasts and practitioners participate in an event to celebrate the 10th International Yoga Day in southern Seoul on June 22. Courtesy of the Indian Embassy to Korea

SEOUL, June 24 (AJU PRESS) - Despite heavy showers, 500 yoga practitioners and enthusiasts gathered last Saturday at COEX, a massive underground shopping mall complex in Seoul's southern district of Gangnam, to celebrate the 10th International Yoga Day.

The event, jointly hosted by the Embassy of India to Korea and the Korea Yoga Association (KYA), was attended by Indian Ambassador Amit Kumar and KYA President Cheon Jun-pil, who greeted guests and yoga practitioners at the opening ceremony.

In his opening speech, Kumar emphasized that yoga serves as a significant medium to help people achieve openness in their body, mind, emotions, and energy. He also highlighted that millions of people worldwide are drawn to the ancient Indian practice because of these unique properties.

The event featured various activities, demonstrations, and meditation sessions led by experienced yoga instructors. Additionally, about 30 booths were set up by yoga-related organizations at COEX to showcase and promote their activities. The Indian Embassy also set up a booth to promote yoga as a connecting bridge between India and Korea.
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