Jay Park teases upcoming single with steamy images

By Park Ung Posted : June 27, 2024, 15:31 Updated : June 27, 2024, 16:06
Jay Parks Instagram account
The image of Jay Park captured from his Instagram account.
SEOUL, June 27 (AJU PRESS) - Park Jae-beum, also known as Jay Park, is generating some buzz for his upcoming single slated for release this weekend, by unveiling some provocative images.

According to his management agency, his new single, "McNasty," a hip hop track with "catchy hook and straightforward lyrics" is set to be released on June 30.

Earlier in the week, the Korean-American singer uploaded a somewhat provocative picture of himself half-naked on a bed to promote his upcoming single on the British subscription-based platform OnlyFans, famous for adult content.

His bold approach to promoting an album raised some controversy here in the largely conservative Korean society. On online fan communities, one comment reads, "I liked Jay Park, but not anymore," while another questioned, "Why is he suddenly doing such things?" 
The teaser image of McNasty Courtesy of MORE VISION
A teaser poster for Jay Park's new single "McNasty." Courtesy of MORE VISION.
But some may not be surprised at all. Famous for taking off his shirts on stage, Park has cultivated a sexual image throughout his singing career, often considered one of the sexiest men in the K-pop scene, especially since his 2015 song "Mommae" became hugely popular, garnering 160 million views on YouTube.

The R&B and hip-hop singer has established his fanbase overseas as well, becoming the first Asian to sign with Roc Nation in 2017. The American entertainment giant, established by American rapper Jay Z, manages big names like DJ Khaled and Rihanna.
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