Genexine to test toxicity of immunotherapeutic drug candidate for intranasal administration

By Lim Chang-won Posted : August 18, 2020, 15:09 Updated : August 18, 2020, 15:09

[Courtesy of Genexine]

SEOUL -- Genexine, a clinical-stage biotechnology company involved in a state-commissioned research consortium to develop a DNA vaccine material for COVID-19, will conduct a pre-clinical test to confirm the toxicity of its immunotherapeutic drug candidate, GX-I7, by spraying it to the nasal cavity.

According to Genexine, the intranasal administration method prevents virus infection for 5 to 35 days by increasing lymphocytes that control the immune system in the airway mucosa area where GX-I7 is applied. The study will be done with the support of the Research Investment for Global Health Technology (RIGHT) Fund, which is a funding agency dedicated to supporting global health research and development.

Genexine and its U.S. co-developer NeoImmuneTech, a clinical-stage T cell-focused bio company, have secured approval from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct Phase 1 clinical trials for GX-I7 to see if it is effective in the treatment of COVID-19. Genexine has said that GX-I7 showed good efficacy when used in combination with a variety of immunotherapeutic agents.

South Korea has unveiled a roadmap for the treatment of COVID-19 to develop plasma treatment by the year's end as well as antibody treatment and vaccines next year.
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